World Lion Day
— World Lion Day Every year on August 10 World Lion Day is celebrated. Why we celebrate Lion Day on this day, and who started this holiday, unfortunately, is unknown. However, it should be noted that the first lions were kept in captivity in 850 BC in ancient Assyria (Assyria – an ancient state… 12/08/2021
Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers
— Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine No 1035/2001 of November 1, 2001, Day of Veterinary Medicine Workers is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of August. The main purpose of this day is to "note the significant contribution of veterinary medicine workers in ensuring veterinary and epizootic… 08/08/2021
— Column "Flowering Calendar" Buddleja davidii blossoms in Mykolaiv Zoo. This beautiful plant is named after famous French missionary and explorer in China, Armand David, who was the first European to report the shrub. The homeland of Buddleja davidii is China. Popular name of this shrub is "summer lilac". It is called so for… 05/08/2021
International Tiger Day
— International Tiger Day July 29 – International Tiger Day. Every year on July 29, the world celebrates International Tiger Day. This holiday was founded in 2010 at the International Forum "Tiger Summit", which was held in St. Petersburg. There were considered the measures on how to preserve this beautiful animal. The initiators of… 02/08/2021
Celebration of International Tiger Day in Mykolaiv Zoo
— Celebration of International Tiger Day in Mykolaiv Zoo During the game program dedicated to International Tiger Day young biologists of the zoo and all interested visitors took part in entertaining educational games and quizzes. And how many interesting facts about tigers and other rare species of animals do you know? Visit Mykolaiv Zoo! After all, each visit to… 02/08/2021
Interesting about Reeves' muntjacs
— Interesting about Reeves' muntjacs Did you pay attention to the little deer – Reeves’ muntjacs (Lat. Muntiacus reevesi), enclosure of which is located near the husbandry gates of the zoo? This animal is extremely interesting! Reeves' muntjac or barking deer – one of the most ancient genera of deer. Paleontologists believe that the muntjacs… 26/07/2021
— Column "Flowering Calendar" Hibiscus bushes of different species bloomed in the zoo. The genus Hibiscus has up to 300 species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs, trees, as well as yearling and perennial herbaceous plants. Almost all of them come from tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. And only some of them feel… 26/07/2021
— Column "Flowering Calendar" On decorative ponds of Mykolaiv Zoo right now it is possible to see a blossoming water lily – an extremely beautiful plant of fresh reservoirs. Water lily is not just a beautiful flower, but a symbol of grace and beauty. This plant is the heroine of many legends. The Slavs… 22/07/2021
Moving Nanuk to Belgium
— Moving Nanuk to Belgium July 20, 2021 in Mykolaiv Zoo was a very responsible day. According to the decision of the coordinator of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) for polar bear we transferred the male Nanuk to a new place of residence – to Monde Sauvage Safari Parc, Aywaille, Belgium. A young female… 21/07/2021