World Wildlife Day
— World Wildlife Day March 3 is the World Wildlife Day. On December 20, 2013 the sixty-eighth session of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that decided to celebrate March 3 as Wildlife Day. The resolution on this subject highlights the value of wildlife and plant, especially those who need protection. 193 members… 03/03/2018
Chipping animals
— Chipping animals All animals of our zoo undergo chipping procedure. This is necessary for further identification. Kids of the Amur tiger are chipped at the age of 2 months. 02/03/2018
February 27  International Polar Bear Day
— February 27 International Polar Bear Day February 27 on the International Polar Bear Day, we were pleased with the true polar weather. But despite this, we passed to the bear Nanuk a delicious gift and a toy - a present from the participant of the action Pastushenko Valeriya, a pupil of 8 - A class of… 02/03/2018
The first snowdrops in Nikolaev zoo
— The first snowdrops in Nikolaev zoo And in Nikolaev zoo is spring. Whole glades of snowdrops are blooming! 22/02/2018
 Attention, action!
— Attention, action! Nikolaev zoo invites everyone to take part in the action dedicated to the International Polar Bear Day and to the birth of our polar bear. Zoo accepts as a gift "toys" of high-strength plastic. They can be marble fences, buoys, plastic barrels, plastic balls for large animals and anything like… 22/02/2018
— Shrovetide On February 17, 2018 Mykolaiv zoo invited everyone to a vivid performance – Shrovetide! Our guests were waiting for inflammatory dances and songs, folk fun, sweets from the company "Adolescent" and a nice photo zone consisting of dozens of "suns", created by the hands of schoolchildren and participants of the… 18/02/2018
— BABY TIGERS 25 December 2017, at the Catholic Christmas, two striped babies were born in Nikolaev zoo. They are Amur tigers.   15/02/2018
— PRESENTS FOR NANUK 13 February our Polar bear Nanuk got a parcel from his Czech and German guardians. This time they sent sweets and also toys made of special extra hard plastic. For three years already his “godmothers” don’t forget the bear and gladden him with toys and other presents. Nikolaev zoo expresses… 15/02/2018
— ST. VALENTINE’S DAY Nikolaev zoo invites everybody to celebrate ST. VALENTINE’S DAY on 14 February in the zoo! It is a traditional yearly action. This day all the lovey-dovey pairs can visit the zoo, having bought just one ticket! Each visitor, he or she, named VALENTINE, enters the zoo free of charge (according… 15/02/2018
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