— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" reports on the beginning of mass flowering of hibiscus. Flowering hibiscus bushes of various shapes and colors can be seen near the wolf enclosures, near "Island of Animals", near the muntjac enclosure and in other parts of the zoo. You can find the… 04/08/2023
Tiger Day
— Tiger Day July 29 – International Tiger Day Every year on July 29, International Tiger Day is celebrated all over the world. The main goal of International Tiger Day is to spread information about tiger protection. Unfortunately, no more than 5,000 individuals have survived in the wild, and this number is constantly… 29/07/2023
Day of Ukrainian Statehood
— Day of Ukrainian Statehood July 28 – Day of Ukrainian Statehood. In 2023, Ukraine will celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Statehood for the second time, it was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated August 24, 2021. This memorable date is intended to remind that Ukrainian state-building has more than a… 28/07/2023
— Column "Fluffy rehabilitators" Today, our country is going through difficult times, and people, more than ever before, need positive emotions that only true unity with nature can give. That's why Mykolaiv Zoo continues to run the "Fluffy Rehabilitators" column, which helps both children and adults get good emotions. And for those who have… 24/07/2023
Demonstrative feeding
— Demonstrative feeding Today in Mykolaiv Zoo, a demonstrative feeding was held for a group of meerkats (Suricata suricatta) and South American coati (Nasua nasua). For the animals, the zoo's specialists have prepared various "hiding" boxes in which forest tropical cockroaches have been hidden. Then everyone watched the fast movements and active behavior… 22/07/2023
World Snake Day
— World Snake Day World Snake Day is celebrated annually on July 16. This day was created to improve people's knowledge about these animals and the contribution they make to the animal world. Today, Mykolaiv Zoo joined the celebration of World Snake Day. All visitors had the opportunity to communicate with snakes that were… 16/07/2023
Presentation of the Taurian painting
— Presentation of the Taurian painting Today, for the first time in the city of Mykolaiv, the presentation of the Taurian painting took place at Mykolaiv Zoo in the ethnographic courtyard “Grandfather’s Hut”. The Taurian painting sees in itself not only the sea breeze, but also a unique system of symbols and values, where every stroke… 14/07/2023
World Chimpanzee Day
— World Chimpanzee Day Today, July 14, the whole world celebrates World Chimpanzee Day. Chimpanzees are believed to be humans' closest relatives, yet they were unknown in most of the world until Charles Darwin wrote about them in 1856. And only after a century, people began to recognize interesting facts from the life of… 14/07/2023
Mobile lectures
— Mobile lectures Mykolaiv Zoo traditionally holds a series of mobile lectures "Fluffy rehabilitators" on weekends in summer. After all, in our troubled times, a person desperately needs psychological relief and emotional rest. Animals have always coped very well with this, communication with which brings only good. Both adults and children enjoyed talking… 08/07/2023