All-Ukrainian Environment Day
— All-Ukrainian Environment Day On April 17, All-Ukrainian Environment Day is celebrated. Mykolaiv Zoo carries out a marathon of the ecological and educational actions devoted to this date. For All-Ukrainian Environment Day we offer you a series of articles-tips on the topic: "What exactly can I do to save the environment". The "habit" of… 12/04/2021
World Hamster Day
— World Hamster Day Every year on April 12, an unofficial but positive holiday is celebrated - World Hamster Day. The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the date of the beginning of the domestication of cute animals, which took place on this day in 1930. Then the zoologist Israel Aharoni… 12/04/2021
Happy birthday, Nuru!
— Happy birthday, Nuru! One and a half years ago all Mykolaiv met a very high (both figuratively and literally) guest who became the new inhabitant of the city – giraffe Nuru. He traveled about 1,400 kilometers to reach to our zoo. He arrived on August 29, 2019 from the Czech Zoo (Olomouc). During… 11/04/2021
— Column "Flowering Calendar" Gradually spring is coming into own. The sweet violet has blossomed in Mykolaiv Zoo. This small flower, though completely inconspicuous, blooms one of the first, and it is difficult not to notice it. Poets and artists did not pass over the sweet violet, many legends are told about it. In… 01/04/2021
— Replenishment Spring gave us another extremely pleasant event. On March 10, a camel was born in the family of Sultan and Dyuna, domestic Bactrian camels (Lat. Camelus Bactrianus Dom.). The young camel is a female who has already been given the name Jola. Dyuna has enough milk to feed newborn Jola.… 01/04/2021
— Column Already revealed the first bright yellow flowers lesser celandine (other names are pilewort, fig buttercup). This plant blooms one of the first and due to the fast interesting method of vegetative propagation - with the help of brood buds - it is able to form flowering carpets in early spring.… 01/04/2021
April 1 - International Bird Day
— April 1 - International Bird Day April 1 is International Bird Day. The purpose of the holiday is to draw public attention to the problems of bird conservation, to spread scientific knowledge about them, to increase the area of ​​protected territories inhabited by rare and small species of birds. Birds are considered to be the first… 01/04/2021
Joyful replenishment
— Joyful replenishment And again Mykolaiv Zoo shares the good news. For several years in a row, in early spring, the inhabitants of the ethnographic courtyard "Grandfather’s hut", Jacob sheep reproduce. This happened in 2021 as well. On March 14, at 9 o'clock in the morning, two calves (lambs) were born to Martha… 24/03/2021
— Warning Due to the intensification of quarantine measures the indoor exhibits (aquaterrarium, winter premises for primates, winter premises for birds, buildings with elephants and giraffes, "Island of wild beasts") are closed for visitors. Animals exhibited in open-air enclosures are available for observation. Follow our ads! 22/03/2021