Year of the White Metal Bull
— Year of the White Metal Bull According to the Eastern calendar, our year 2021 is the year of the White Metal Bull. The White Metal Bull is determined and hardworking. The element of metal gives it an iron will, and white color - self-confidence. The bull embodies power, fertility, strength. The symbol of 2021 is characterized… 11/02/2021
The birth of a baby
— The birth of a baby On January 24, 2021, a baby was born in Mykolaiv Zoo in the family of Reeves's muntjacs (Lat. Muntiacus reeves), whose names are Finik and Fishka. Mother and newborn baby feel good, they are now in the winter enclosure of the antelopes. Female has enough milk to feed the baby.… 05/02/2021
Marmot Day and Hedgehog Day
— Marmot Day and Hedgehog Day February 2 is Marmot Day and Hedgehog Day. Marmot Day is one of the most popular traditions in the United States, which is to determine the duration and timeliness of spring by the behavior of a specially "designated" marmot. The roots of the tradition of determining the weather by the… 04/02/2021
— Warning Attention, dear visitors!Mykolaiv Zoo with pleasure informs that from February 6, 2021 exposition rooms of the ornithology department, the elephants house, the giraffes house and the primates house are again opened for visiting. Staying in the premises is subject to quarantine rules: mandatory wearing of a mask, social distance -… 04/02/2021
World Wetlands Day
— World Wetlands Day Every year on February 2 World Wetlands Day is celebrated. This marks the date of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city Ramsar. The purpose of World Wetlands Day is to increase interest in measures to support the future of these vital environments and the species… 02/02/2021
International Zebra Day
— International Zebra Day January 31 is International Zebra Day. The holiday was initiated by environmental organizations, including the Smithsonian's National Institute of Zoology and Conservation Biology Institute. The purpose of International Zebra Day is to help preserve these unique animals. There are few striped animals on earth, and among the mammals of the… 31/01/2021
Days of great winter bird counting
— Days of great winter bird counting The last weekend of January is the Days of Great Winter Bird Counting. The purpose of these days is not only to draw public attention to the wonderful interesting world of birds. Conducting days of great bird counting helps to determine the species composition of the avifauna of a region… 30/01/2021
What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter?
— What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter? What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter? Every year, as the cold weather approaches, the residents of our zoo prepare for winter. Heat-loving animals were transferred from summer enclosures to winter premises. For example, hippos (Lat. Hippopotamus amphíbius) and Asian elephants (Lat. Elephas maximus) are… 21/01/2021
The story of
— The story of "Grandfather's hut" … Under the roof - a clean mud-walled hut, with a spacious yard, a haystack, a cart. Goats run out of the corner of the hut, curly lambs bleat from the miniature barn, geese chirp near the fence, a rooster walks masterfully at the head of a flock of chickens…… 18/01/2021