— Poster 30/06/2023
Solemn cancellation of the new stamp
— Solemn cancellation of the new stamp Today, on the day of the liberation of Zmiiny Island from the russian invaders, the zoo hosted a joint event with Ukrposhta, where the second postal issue of the "Glory to the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine" series, dedicated to the activities of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the… 30/06/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The time of exuberant spring flowering has already passed, but even now in Mykolaiv Zoo you can find beautiful flowering plants and wonderful locations for recreation. Luxurious hydrangea delights us with lush white blossoms, beautiful roses continue to bloom, and lavender blooms. But now,… 27/06/2023
World Giraffe Day
— World Giraffe Day World Giraffe Day is celebrated annually on June 21. This celebration was initiated in 2014 by the Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF). The purpose of the holiday is to draw the public's attention to the preservation of these unique animals. The Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF) is the only non-governmental organization in… 21/06/2023
Report on the work of Mykolaiv Zoo for 2022
— Report on the work of Mykolaiv Zoo for 2022 In June 2023, the annual report on the work of Mykolaiv Zoo of national significance in 2022 was finally published. This report reflects our work in a very difficult wartime, during shelling, air raids and high hopes for Victory. Its electronic version will also be posted on the website of… 17/06/2023
International Lynx Day
— International Lynx Day June 11 – International Lynx Day. Today, June 11, the whole world celebrates International Lynx Day. The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is a beautiful, graceful carnivore from the feline family, considered the largest cat in Europe. Lives in large forest areas, remote, frequented areas with dense undergrowth, windbreaks, marshy places.… 11/06/2023
Children Protection Day
— Children Protection Day June 1 - Children Protection Day!A whole complex of entertaining and educational events for all our little guests took place in Mykolaiv Zoo in a loud, fun, emotional, driving manner. Interesting contests, exciting tasks, fiery dances, a fun performance by the Mykolaiv Academic Art Drama Theater, soulful music performed by… 01/06/2023
Safety techniques in the zoo
— Safety techniques in the zoo Safety techniques in the zoo. The zoo is a high-risk area, so the zoo administration pays special attention to safety measures: • At the entrance to the zoo there is a large, bright stand with the rules of safe behavior for visitors and fire safety. • Safety regulations are heard… 26/05/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" You can admire the lilac-pink-purple palette of flowering ornamental plants in Mykolaiv Zoo right now. Irises have blossomed behind the summer enclosures for turtles, and here you can see flowering bushes of an interesting plant – the Hungarian lilac, which grows not only in gardens and parks, but in its… 22/05/2023