Collection of caps
— Collection of caps Thanks to the care and environmental awareness of Mykolaiv residents, they managed to collect hundreds of kilograms of plastic bottle caps. In particular, one of the collection points was the eco-fish in Mykolaiv Zoo. The other day, all the caps from the location were collected for processing and future assistance… 15/09/2023
World Crane Day
— World Crane Day The first month of autumn is rich in ecological holidays. So, on the second Sunday of September, our planet celebrates World Crane Day. This year, this holiday falls on September 10. Crane Day began to be celebrated in 2002 in the USA. The purpose of Crane Day is to draw… 10/09/2023
— Activities Today, small visitors to the zoo were able to take part in various activities that we prepared especially for them. In the central square of the zoo, our youngest guests were able to play and dance during a fun animation program. A mobile lecture on pet care rules was also… 10/09/2023
Creative evening
— Creative evening On September 8, the director of Mykolaiv Zoo, Volodymyr Topchy, presented his collection of poems at a creative dinner in the Central Library named after M.L. Kropyvnytskyi. The pleasant, relaxed, light and warm atmosphere immersed the guests in pleasant emotions. In the author's poetry, the Japanese style of Hoku is… 09/09/2023
Another excursion
— Another excursion Today, Mykolaiv Zoo hosted another excursion on the topic "Giants of land". All visitors who came on the excursion learned many interesting facts about animals and were able to get to know our giants as individuals - learned many facts about their life in the zoo, food preferences and character… 09/09/2023
September second
— September second Good afternoon, we are from Ukraine and neither the enemy nor the ruins frighten us. Ring, our first bell, and remember! Give us only peaceful education! The second lesson at Mykolaiv Zoo mini-school began with such patriotic words. At today's "Turtleology" lesson, employees of the department of ecological and educational… 02/09/2023
First of September
— First of September Every year, on the first day of autumn, the Day of Knowledge is celebrated. It is on this day that the "first bells" are rung on ceremonial lines in all schools, which announce the beginning of the new school year. Unfortunately, today not all schoolchildren will hear their first bell… 01/09/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" We already see the first signs of autumn in withered leaves, almost ripe chestnuts and in some special light of the sun's rays. But the hot summer is not in a hurry to give up its position, and reminds of itself not only by the air temperature, but also by… 29/08/2023
Interactive tour
— Interactive tour Today, during the next interactive tour, everyone was able to familiarize themselves with the interesting exhibits of our small museum – the ethnographic yard "Grandfather's Hut". Children and adults were able to find out what a ruble, millstone, threshing roller is used for, what a collar, a dovetail, a kotsyuba… 27/08/2023