Chimpanzee Ambi is 55
— Chimpanzee Ambi is 55 Chimpanzee Ambi is 55! In 2023, a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) named Ambi celebrates her birthday. This is the oldest ape in the zoos of Ukraine! She is 55 years old. The birthday animal came to Mykolaiv Zoo from Holland in 2004. Ambi is the founder of the chimpanzee family in… 08/11/2023
A wallaby named Syoma
— A wallaby named Syoma In the life of animals, as in the life of people, unpredictable situations can occur. This happened in the summer of 2023, when a female red-necked wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus) named Oktava tragically died in Mykolaiv Zoo. There was a small wallaby in Octava's bag. In nature, death awaits such cubs,… 06/11/2023
Presentation of scientific works
— Presentation of scientific works Young zoo biologists presented their scientific works during the young naturalists’ scientific conference. For several months, young scientists conducted experiments, observed the behavior of animals, studied documents and literary data, and conducted conversations with zoo employees. This year, young naturalists studied the behavior of animals while implementing various ways of… 05/11/2023
Fox Day
— Fox Day November 1 – Fox Day Today, November 1, Fox Day is celebrated. Initially, this day was associated in Western Europe with the beginning of the fox hunting season, which is clearly different from the hunting of all other types of animals. Due to its cruelty and specificity, the fox population… 01/11/2023
— Column "Cozy corners of the zoo" The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" again shows how our park looks right now, on wonderful warm autumn days. In the wonderful autumn season, our zoo with its picturesque alleys, various landscapes (we have a birch grove, an oak forest, coniferous plants, and flower beds), numerous sculptures depicting ancient… 31/10/2023
— Halloween Halloween is the most mystical night of the year. This holiday is celebrated from October 31 to November 1. In Mykolaiv Zoo, lovers of this holiday can immerse themselves in the bright atmosphere and see many "mystical" animals. We have already talked about some of them this week, and you… 31/10/2023
— Kinkajou In the evening, before the zoo closes, in the warm autumn twilight (especially on the eve of the mystical Halloween), our visitors can look out and see an amazing animal – a kinkajou. Kinkajou (Potos flavus) is an omnivorous mammal from the raccoon family, an animal characterized by a nocturnal… 30/10/2023
Photo zone for Halloween
— Photo zone for Halloween If you haven't seen our photo zone before Halloween and haven't taken pictures with real witches, hurry up!   29/10/2023
— Gratitude We are grateful to everyone who helps us survive difficult times, our compatriots and foreign friends, individuals and enterprises! But it is especially touching when children transfer funds for zoo animals. Pupils of the 1st Beta class of TGI Academy (Irpin) under the guidance of the curator Mrs. Maria Sukhodub,… 27/10/2023